Today’s uber-connected, data-driven global economy requires highly effective communication skills, strategies and techniques. Our on-campus Pro Master’s Track is designed specifically for those who want to develop additional skills to become more competitive in today’s communication job market.
Our Pro Master’s Track Master of Arts in Mass Communication Degree is:


Design the curriculum that meets your specific career needs



Advance your career
in as little as one year


Gain highly employable skills through our multi-discipline curriculum


Career Driven

Strengthen skills desired by
a broad range of employers

Driving the 21st Century Economy

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying those skills in a fast-paced marketing environment for a Fortune 500 company, generating media attention to raise awareness of the plight of others for a non-profit organization, working behind the scenes in a communication role for a political campaign, or are involved in a tech start-up trying to raise venture capital.
Each scenario has a common denominator—well thought-out communication strategies and techniques. The successful organizations will be those that have outstanding communication professionals in key leadership roles…professionals that possess powerful skills to reach audiences in a way that transcends borders, ever-evolving technology and cultures.

“Career Ready”

Designed specifically for those who want to develop additional skills to become more competitive in the job market, our Pro Master’s track—which is part of our overall Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) degree—can be achieved in as little as 1 year.  Earning this advanced degree will make you more attractive in today’s competitive job market, enable you to command a higher starting salary and accelerate your career advancement possibilities.

Leverage the Prestige
of a UF Degree

But a fast-paced curriculum isn’t the only benefit of this program. As a University of Florida MAMC graduate, you will earn an advanced degree that carries the cachet of one the top-ranked Master of Arts in Mass Communication programs in the nation. Graduates of this program are highly marketable and are able to better position themselves for the top tier job opportunities available now and well into the future.

Customize Your
Career Potential

Our accelerated Pro Master’s MAMC program was intentionally created to deliver maximum flexibility and accommodate students motivated to earn an advanced degree in a shorter timespan to be career-ready and more rapidly propel their careers. As a key part of this built-in flexibility, UF has developed a “mix and match” coursework structure that allows you to customize the direction you want your education to take, the focus areas most applicable to your career goals and the ability to set the right pace to meet your needs.

The Pro Master’s Track Curriculum

“Mix and match” your coursework from three key career areas to develop your own customizable curriculum.
Use our suggested curriculum information or create your own path to reach your personal career goals!

Data/Research   //   Creative   //   Management



Applied Theory
Communication, Technology and Society
Multimedia Storytelling
Data Creation/Analysis/Data Visualization


1 – 2

One- or two-year
programs are available.
The program begins in the fall.



12 hours Fall (3 core courses, 1 elective)
12 hours Spring (1 core course, 3 electives)
6 hours Summer A (2 electives)
3 hours Summer B (capstone project)

Customize Your Program. Here is a Sample of Courses.

Data / Research

Data Analytics
Audience Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Media Planning
Web Research Methods
Data Scraping


Multimedia Writing
Web Design Principles
Magazine and Feature Writing
Strategic Thinking
Digital Imagery in Web Design
Sports Reporting
Advertising Creative Strategies
Health Writing


Risk/Crisis Communication
Communication Leadership
Telecommunication Regulations
Principles of Persuasion
Communication Law
Brand Management
Public Relations Management
And many more…

CJC’s on-campus Master’s program also includes a Research Track that will help you develop your skills to go on to a doctoral program or to work in a communication field with heavy emphasis on research. We prepare acclaimed researchers and shape competitive individuals who crave an edge in communication studies.
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Success Is Yours

Our Pro Master’s program is an exciting option for anyone interested in ensuring they have the advanced skills necessary to gain a strategic advantage and stand out from among a sea of communication graduates hitting the job market.

For current communication  undergraduates:

Enroll in the MAMC program to advance and strengthen your current skill set or develop supplemental skills for even better engagement with potential employers.

For undergraduates studying in another field:

Our MAMC program can provide  undergrads studying in another field with a tremendous opportunity to develop additional skills and knowledge that will enhance their employment opportunities upon graduation.

For those currently in the workforce:

To serve the needs of those already in the job market, UF delivers a distance-learning option to earn a Master of Arts in Mass Communication.  Delivered 100 percent online by renown faculty and many Ph.D.-level instructors, our  online MAMC program enables you to earn your degree in as little as 18 months with specializations in Global Strategic Communication, Public Relations Management, Social Media as well as Web Design and Online Communication.

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